“Practical, simple and effective.”

Anne gave me practical, simple and effective strategies and resources to move forward that actually worked and which I now use daily. She allowed me to explore my feelings and goals without judgement, at my own pace, offering guidance and clarity along the way. I now feel more empowered to tackle any situation in not only my personal life but in my leadership role at work as well.

— Amanda F.

“The changes have been far reaching”

With Anne's help and support I have uncovered and changed a deep routed belief and pattern of behaviour that has held me back in many areas of my life for as long as I can remember.

The changes I have made and continue to make have been far reaching both for myself and my family. My relationships have benefited and my ability to trust myself and value my self in all area's has vastly improved. I cannot thank Anne enough for all her love and support during this amazing process! This program is so very powerful and with Anne's amazing skill and knowledge I truly have made lifelong changes! Thank you Anne from the bottom of my heart.

— Chelle Sohet


I had the opportunity to undertake the programme with Anne at a time when I was making a career shift and was feeling somewhat lost about how to balance my personal and family needs against the demands of my new venture.


“More energy and resilience to overcome challenges”

My sessions with Anne were invaluable in helping to prioritise the demands upon me; tuning into my inner strengths and cycles to plan what I needed to do and allowing me to tap into different elements of myself in order to best manage situations. As a result of the coaching I have a toolkit of valuable activities and have made a number of positive changes that have given me more energy and resilience with which to overcome challenges that I encounter.

— L.M. (Senior Clinical Psychologist)


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— M.L.


“I felt like I found the old me again”

Anne coached me for 3 months, during which I had a lot of stress and turmoil in my life. She was extremely understanding and empathetic; flexible to my needs while ensuring that she taught me the skills needed to get me through. At the end of our time working together, it felt like I had found the old me again and that I could look forward to the future. I can highly recommend Anne’s coaching.

— Nikki Robinson (Physiotherapist)

“Continuing to stick to resolutions”

I am continuing to stick to resolutions made in our sessions, including going swimming at long last! I also forgot to tell you that I finally used the hypnowise audio with my son and he seems to like it, always taking up the suggestion of something similar when I suggest it at bedtime (he always wants something new so I've been finding guided meditation for kids on YouTube), and it definitely helps him get to sleep.

— L.M.